Abstraction. Distraction.

Abstraction. Distraction.

Learn core languages — rather than frameworks.

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Chris Miller
·Apr 27, 2021·

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We have witnessed a proliferation of frameworks over the past decade (and continue to) — build processes to CSS, JS, HTML, PHP, the list goes on.

Now don't get me wrong — I enjoy tinkering and trying new things; it's fun and helps me advance my knowledge around all things web. But if you're trying to build a freelance career or join a large tech company — this may not be the best use of your time.

Why, you might ask?

Let's say that you've settled into a popular CSS framework like Bootstrap or Tailwind and have gotten comfortable cranking out tons of sites using their class-based approach.

Did it help you advance your CSS/SASS skills at all?

If I had to guess — that answer is probably no, and it's due to the abstraction they are putting in front of you. It sort of traps you into their system, and it becomes all that you know.

This can put you at a huge disadvantage when interviewing for jobs or taking on freelance gigs if you do not have strong CSS/SASS knowledge or experience.

Rather than learning a framework — learn the core language instead and graduate up to SASS, giving you access to things like loops and mixins — which are just like functions if you're familiar with that concept.

We've only covered CSS in this article, but the same applies to any language.

Once you've become proficient in the core language — it makes understanding and grasping abstract concepts a whole easier. You will become more flexible, comfortable, and better positioned on whatever the gig requires.

It will also help to make you an all-around better developer.

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